Join us on May 15 for a statewide #Greenout to boycott illegal cannabis retailers & encourage people to #ShopLegalShops.

Even if you don't use cannabis, you should care about this.



The Greenout Movement is the result of licensed California cannabis companies and community members joining forces to stop the black market. 


It’s a call for people to only shop at licensed cannabis retailers to fight unsafe, untested cannabis products that are being sold at illegal shops.

In 2018, California became the sixth state to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Under the law, licensed retailers should be flourishing, and the illegal shops should be shut down and penalized. A year-and-a-half later, that is not happening. Illegal sales make up 80% of the cannabis market, legal shops are suffering, and communities are being robbed of millions of tax dollars every month.  


We believe all Californians should have access to safe, consistent cannabis products and the first step is for all of us to #ShopLegalShops.


Join us in starting the conversation and don’t forget to share your story! 

"Pesticides are one of the things, but there are a variety of pathogenic molds and fungus that can also grow on cannabis. it can be dangerous to human beings, especially people who have compromised immune systems"

"In order to keep marijuana accessible to responsible adults in our state, we need to speak up to ensure that it stays out of the hands of our most vulnerable: our children"

"As much as 80% of the marijuana sold in California comes from the black market...California’s illicit pot market was valued at an estimated $3.7 billion last year, more than four times the size of the legal market"


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